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Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base

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1969 - 1970
4 SOS/432nd TRW, AC-47D
Soviet-made long range 130mm artillery pieces introduced on the battle field in Laos enabled the Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese to neutralize to some extent the Royal Lao Army's advantage of air superiority.
Feb 1970
North Vietnamese fire on U.S. reconnaissance aircraft and Pres. Johnson authorized protective action strikes against North Vietnam's anti-aircraft guns, SAM sites and airfields.
21 Feb 1970
F-105G Thunderchief, 63-8281, of the 355TFW, was damaged by anti-aircraft fire over Laos and crashed southwest of Udorn.
6 Mar 1970
President Nixon acknowledges U.S. military involvement in Laos for the first time.
8 Mar 1970
Nixon administration discloses the deaths of 27 Americans in Laos.
16 Mar 1970
F-105D Thunderchief, 62-4230, of the 355TFW, was damaged by anti-aircraft fire over Laos and crashed into trees nine miles south of Udorn.

10 Apr 1970
RF-4C Phantom, 65-0863, 432TFW, damaged by anti-aircraft fire in Laos, ejected on approach, nine killed on the ground.

15 Apr 1970
Maj. Gen. James F. Kirkendall replaces Maj. Gen. Robert L. Petit as commander of the 7/13AF at Udorn.
1-4 May 1970
Nearly 500 USAF and USN aircraft hit missile and AAA sites and NVA logistic facilities north of the DMZ.
Jul 1970
Air America was equipped with 24 twin-engine transports, 24 short take off and landing aircraft (STOL), and 30 helicopters. During 1970 A/AM airdropped or landed 46 million pounds of food in Laos and flight time reached more than 4,000 hours a month. A/AM also transported thousands of troops and refugees, flew emergency medivac, rescued downed airmen inserted and extracted roacd-watch teams, monitored sensors aong infiltration routes, conducted reconnaissance and engaged in numerous clandestine missions.
28 Jul 1970
Col. David S. Mellish replaces Col. Darrell S. Cramer as commander of 432d TRW at Udorn.
12 Oct 1970
Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Evans, Jr. replaces Maj. Gen. James F. Kirkendall as Commander of the 7/13AF at Udorn.
Late 1970
Communist movements in the Laotian panhandle accelerated in late 1970. Near the DMZ at Tchepone there was plenty of evidence of stockpiling and the enemy appeared to be preparing for a major ground offensive in the two northnmost provinces of Quang Tri and Thau Thien.
05 Nov 1970
11th TRS departs for Shaw AFB, South Carolina.
21 Nov 1970
A joint operation by USAF and Army commandos attempted to rescue American prisoners of war believed to be a Son Tay prison compound approx 20 miles northwest of Hanoi. Planned by USAF Brig. Gen. Leroy J. Manor and Army Col. Arthur D. Simons, the volunteer force flew 400 miles from bases in Thailand in HH-53 helicopters, with A-1E and special equipped C-130s providing support. The prison housed no prisoners at the time. While on the ground for 28 minutes, commandos killed 25 NV defenders. One helicopter was destroyed and one man sustained a broken ankle.
21 Nov 1970
An RF-4 aircraft was lost and USN and USAF launched 50 aircraft as a major retalitory strike near the passes at Mu Gia, Ban Karai and the DMZ. The targets were SAM sites, enemy trucks, supply and transportation facilities. All aircraft returned safely.
26 Nov 1970
Col. Lloyd R. Leavitt, Jr. replaces Col. David S. Mellish as commander of 432d TRW at Udorn.
21 Dec 1970
RF-4C Tail number 0601 of the 432nd TRW, 14th TRS Udorn, was shot down by AAA over Laos and both crew members recovered. Udorn Research Group member, Don A Bailey packed the chutes and was part focus of an article written in Easy Flyer. If anyone has this ariticle we are interested in recovering a copy.